Dean Clifford

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Legal is the antithesis of Law

Are you competent and qualified to know and comply with eleventy billion Statutes and Acts yet?


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Supporters message

Posted on Apr 1 by

In this world there are many folks who sit idly by, and then there are those who will not, and cannot, sit idly by, while they see the planet and people they love being crushed...


Queens Bench appearance yesterday

Posted on Mar 7 by

On Thursday, Dean had a hearing in Queens Bench. the judge wouldn’t proceed due to him not having any charges on hand. Dean asked him to get his cuffs removed and he will...


Update Number FIVE

Posted on Mar 2 by

Update number 5 – 2nd March 2014 Dean Clifford is still out at Brandon Correctional Centre for over 3 months now. It has been tough to get on the phone there, and he can only...


Birth Certificate is a class of person

Posted on Feb 23 by

What is real law: Birth Certificate is a class of person: Birth Certificate is a class of...


Update from Brandon

Posted on Feb 12 by

if google is censoring, play on vimeo here: Update From Brandon Correctional Centre – Number Four from Dean Clifford on Vimeo. There hasn’t been an update from Dean in a...


Next Hearing on March 7th

Posted on Feb 6 by

Chris and his friends at WAM, Winnipeg Alternative Media [ ] have just put together this video message to rally support for Dean Clifford for his...


Are you Human or are you the Original

Posted on Jan 21 by

Summary of clip: Body Politic Human Rights or Natural Rights Human or Man Human kind or Man kind He whom shall not be legally named except under my terms and conditions UN...


Royalty, Unalienable Rights and Property

Posted on Jan 16 by

Excerpt 2 – From Hamilton Seminar – 23rd November 2013 – Royalty, Unalienable Rights and Property Full seminar available via the forums. Excerpt 1 – From...