Freeman Clifford Dean ARRESTED by RCMP In Manitoba

Published on 2 Feb 2013

Interview with a witness to Freeman on the Land Dean Clifford being arrested on private property in Manitoba. He was accused of spinning out and regaining control of his truck on private property. Comment below on this video here for more information and speak with Rob Menard and others on YouTube


Just got word off Dean’s facebook from his house mate:

3 February 2013

“Ok Folks, Dean Clifford Updated me tonight, he’s doing super well and is in very high spirits. Have no fear he is at the very top of his game, in his element as we say. He has not eaten since this Saturday morning, the day he got taken, which concerns me but anyway… He’s a “FRUITARIAN” chuckle!! and will not eat anything but Banana’s.. He told the nurse there all he would accept is bottled Dasani water, unopened and without fluoride and Banana’s. Double lmfao!! He was brought before a Judge today, all ready. She was extremely nice to him he said. They are holding him on one charge, assaulting a peace officer.. He also told me that he could have gotten out tonight had he prayed to ‘bail’ which he refused of course! And yes he’s got a very nice fee schedule in place, I know someone made a comment at one point, sorry if it wasn’t here. He’s not even concerned if we are or not getting him help. He totally seems to have it all under control and that’s an understatement. Did somebody say the link does’nt work?? I’ll re-post another copy of it at the bottom of this thread. I don’t want to say much more then that AT THIS POINT. Seeing as we are preparing an H.C. for him and myself and Dean Clifford will be making an EPIC video of everything that happened and that they said and that he said, as soon as he get’s out. Expect him out by the weekend my friends! Cheers! and namaste”

Wed, February 6, 2013 08:06 PM

Hello all. Just in a conversation with our friend Dean, and here is the update. He has now been transferred to maximum security because he has been deemed a risk to the the officers and others prisoners because of his “political beliefs”. He has no toilet paper (has to request), a one inch tooth brush, and a mat on the floor. I asked if he could get an affidavit out for a Habeas Corpus. He said at this point he does not think they will let him get an affidavit out in support of a Habeas Corpus (there’s justice). He has asked questions and they have told him that where he is he should not be asking questions. He has not eaten much but remains in good spirits notwithstanding. He reiterated that it is the false testimony of ONE officer (servant of Her Majesty) RCMP that has caused him to be there. He is entitled to one phone call per day. He is looking for support, and encourages, any and all support of any kind from the outside, to take on this injustice. I should add that the courage and commitment communicated in his discussion was unquestionable and most admirable. Let all make sure we help out our man on the the front line. Its easy to stand outside the fire and make all sorts of comments. Oh btw, in the spirit of the Irish, he said when he’s out, will put a few pints back! Lets do all we can!

Thurs, February 6, 2013 09:00 PM

From Rob Menard’s Facebook page:

Dear folks, this is a call to arms, with said arms being your pens, keyboards and phones. Please do what you can.
Minister’s Office
Phone: 204-945-3728
Fax: 204-945-2517
Minister of Justice

Dear Andrew Swan,
I bring to your immediate attention the abuse of power and perversion of procedure my friend Dean Clifford is being subjected to in a prison for which you are responsible. You may or may not be aware of the situation; it may even be due to your own orders. If not however, then I am sure you will find the situation as shocking and offensive to the conscience as do those who will likely be contacting your office personally to express their displeasure.

I am sure you would agree that it would deeply offend and shock the public conscience to hear that a Canadian was imprisoned for no other reason then their political beliefs, regardless of how inconvenienced those in power were by those beliefs. This is especially true if said beliefs are based upon love, compassion, truth, and exercised in a lawful and peaceful manner. And although Dean is not charged with having certain political beliefs, it does appear he was targeted for them, and then assaulted and arrested by an RCMP Officer. The entire incident itself will likely not withstand proper scrutiny, and would likely reveal an over zealous officer.

Now Dean has been in prison since Saturday night, and a YOUTUBE video made to inform the public about his arrest garnered over 3000 views in 24 hours. During this time there has been no indication from him that he is a threat to others or staff, or a flight risk. He has been held in Winnipeg Remand Centre and was in good spirits, sure he would be released according to due process and proper procedure.

Dean is a Freeman, and as such holds political views which many in positions of authority label as anti-government. To be brutally honest, we are not anti-government, but pro-good-government. It is due to these beliefs and only these beliefs that he has now been transferred to a maximum security facility. On your own organizations website I found the following:

Role of Maximum Security Institutions

Maximum security institutions provide long-term incarceration for offenders who have a higher probability of attempting to escape and who present a greater threat to the safety of the public.

Dean is in no way a threat to the public, nor a flight risk at all. To the contrary he is looking forward to his day in court. His being transferred to a maximum security prison is nothing less than an unlawful and inappropriate punishment for his beliefs. When asked why he was being transferred, one of the staff apparently let it slip it was due to him being deemed a threat to the staff and prisoners FOR HIS POLITICAL BELIEFS.

If someone’s political beliefs are justification for transferring them from a minimum security facility to a maximum security prison, then those same beliefs must justify transferring someone from non-incarceration to imprisonment. This however is Canada and beliefs which are unpopular to those who claim authority, are no reason to imprison someone nor are they reason to deny them due process when in the jail system on other matters. This is especially true when there is sufficient reason to believe he was targeted, assaulted and then arrested ostensibly for some driving infraction, but more likely for his political beliefs, which he is quite vocal about. But again, as this is Canada, those who wear uniforms on the public’s dime, and who do not like the beliefs of other Canadians, can suck it up, as they have no right to abuse their office to punish those who question the source, nature and limits of their authority.

Dean Clifford was transferred to a maximum security facility, for no other reason then some mid level bureaucrat within the system does not like his political beliefs and decided to exercise their authority without just cause and have thus placed him in greater danger. Likely they did not like his jovial and fearless attitude, and in spite of the fact that he is both peaceful and not a flight risk, decided to abuse their authority and position. It stinks to high heaven with abuse of power, and needs immediate attention and rectification.

As you have now been served notice of what is happening within your prison system to one of our brothers, and the injustice and abuse brought to your attention, and you have the power with a simple phone call to rectify this situation, the responsibility is clearly yours to address the situation, return him to minimum security as justified by his actions and the charges, and ensure that those who decided to take it upon themselves to punish him for his beliefs are themselves held accountable and face proper and meaningful sanctions.

Understanding the nature of the political system and importance of public pressure, by the time you read this, I will have implored my fellow Canadians, be they Freemen or simple Citizens, to contact your offices, by phone, fax and email, and do their best to raise a storm of protest and complaint.

Letters will be sent to the Ombudsman, federal MP’s, the Press, and any other group of Canadians who are concerned about such abuses of bureaucratic power.

Information concerning this occurrence and your role in it will also be kept for the purposes of civil and other legal actions, in existing or future courts.

This is Canada, and people will not be imprisoned lightly or easily for their political beliefs. People who claim that someone’s political beliefs are a threat to the safety of others, and therefore imprisoning them is justified, are in fact the ones demonstrating the most dangerous political belief imaginable.

You may not like our political beliefs, as we hold that people in the government should be accountable and all operations transparent. But that is no reason to imprison us nor seek to punish us further if we are in your prisons, especially when it is entirely possible that the original charge is one manufactured by a politically motivated police officer seeking to use his office to hinder lawful political action.

Freemen believe in good-government. This is your chance to show us some.
Thank you for your time, I trust you will take the appropriate and honourable steps.
Sincerely, and without malice aforethought, ill will, vexation or frivolity,
Robert Arthur Menard
Interim Chief of the Peace
Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers.

Thurs, February 7, 2013 09:06 PM

From Dean’s facebook:

Robert Menardposted to Dean Clifford
19 minutes ago
Letter to Ezra Levant, Sun Media, CC to Andrew Swan.
Dear Ezra, I would like to bring to your attention a situation which I personally find extraordinarily shocking and which seems to fly in the face of due process and basic justice in this country. It also seems to highlight a lack of Ministerial oversight coupled with bureaucratic abuse of trust.

I am providing you with a letter I received concerning a friend of mine, who last Friday was charged with 7 different counts, including assaulting a peace officer. These stemmed from what appears to be a targeted traffic stop, itself very questionable, as the reason for the stop was spinning out and recovering control of a pick up truck, on an icy PRIVATE lane joining two PRIVATE parking lots. The arrest was affected by Dean being jumped from behind.

The arrest itself and the reason for it would itself be quite a story, however it gets far more interesting. Even though six of the seven charges brought against him have been dropped, and the last will most certainly be as well, Dean was recently transferred to a maximum security facility and due to only his political beliefs, deemed a threat to staff and inmates. Please bear in mind he has done nothing to justify their claim he is a threat to anyone, nor is he a flight risk. He is a hard working contractor who is a vocal advocate for government accountability and social change.

It frightens me to think that anyone would be transferred to a maximum security prison due only to their political beliefs. Beliefs incidentally that espouse operating lawfully and peacefully within the system to affect positive social change. If these people feel that such beliefs are sufficient reason for transferring to a MS facility, it is only a matter of time before they feel it is also sufficient reason to incarcerate in the first place.

The other abuse of process seems to be that while the original charge of resisting arrest has been withdrawn, likely due to it being an unlawful assault to begin with, Dean’s struggle with the officer during that unlawful arrest is being called an assault on an officer.

Many people have maligned the Freemen and many more have bought into the propaganda presented by the government and media concerning them. The reality is however the movement is a result of growing government abuse and corruption, which is starting to affect the average Canadian to such a degree that they are seeking remedy. The Freemen are the ones who are standing on guard for thee, and they do it by demanding government accountability to the law.

When anyone is jailed merely for their misrepresented political beliefs we are all in grave danger. And these things do not happen over night, they start with people being transferred to a maximum security facility from regular minimum security holding for their political beliefs. That is the camel’s nose in the tent of freedom.

I ask you look past what may be political perspective you do not share, and see our common interest in a free country, where people are not punished for their political beliefs.
Robert Menard
(Ezra may be contacted at ) Please take time to write him a short letter.


Friday, 8th Feb 2013 10:00PM – Darren spoke with Dean via phone:

Notes from my conversation with Dean C. Clifford

• He is being treated like a Political Prisoner
• He’s been told by, I think it was the Jail Superintendant, that he is considered a High Risk because of his political beliefs and is considered a threat to all, including Peace Officers.
• He is being held on one standing charge, assaulting a Peace Officer. Like Dean said;
“How can you possibly assault someone when being attacked, it’s called self defense.”
• He is being charged under the Criminal Code of CANADA, his “offense” is indictable.
• Dean said he wanted everyone he knows and that know him well enough, to write an affidavit if possible, regarding the fact that Dean never has been, an Agent, Employee, Servant or Officer or Her Majesty. Seeing as we don’t have first-hand knowledge of this ourselves, the affidavit MUST include that we know this by virtue of him professing it PUBLICLY, OPENLY, PROFUSELY or REPEATEDLY. He most definitely stated that he wants momentum behind him before he goes to in front of the next Judge. He also stated clearly that the RCMP Policy Enforcement Officer, is not a Peace Officer in Dean’s view, he is and should be referred to as “a lying sack of human shit”. Fax protests to the actual RCMP Police station in Gimli Manitoba also the welcome. Protests to the Ombudsman. Finding a friendly Journalist or TV station to help bring this out to the public. Heck a march or anything peaceful, he’s all for it.
• He is or was, teaching many native or Original people a lot about their Human Rights, some of them involved in the Idle No More movement, and plans on lending them a further helping hand once he is released.
• He is excited by the fact that this is bringing more awareness and togetherness in the movement. He said: “this will really unite us as one”.
• He has been told, by I think it was a judge, that: “asking questions is a dangerous idea, at the point where he is now.”
• Again he is most definitely and unambiguously seeking outside help and support, to slam these guys back.
• He wishes for the Dash Cam footage of the RCMP cruiser that attacked him, to go public, world- wide.
• He is down to one phone call per day.
• He is detained in Solitary confinement, in Maximum Security… On the 8th floor he said.
• He has nothing but a one inch toothbrush, a mattress on the floor and blankets.
• He is not eating the jail food, had one Oatmeal Cookie and one Banana since he got put in Jail Saturday Evening. He had stockpiled 2 Banana’s by having traded two meals in the canteen for other inmates Banana’s and those got confiscated from him.
• He stated: “ I’m a package deal, I am entitled to Life, Property and Liberty, they took away my property and my freedom, they better be ready to go all out. Because I am. ”
• He is having Zen like, spiritual like experiences when dealing with them, feeling strong, confident and feeling good. But slice it anyway you want to, if he continues to not eat… He may lose his focus and mental sharpness.. I practically begged him to eat, for us.

The plot thickens.



Sat, February 9, 2013 9:00 pm






Monday, February 11, 2013

So some of our more livelier friends want to do more than write up affidavits, or drive the Winnipeg Remand Centre’s switchboard staff crazy with simple logic.

So the team has taken the time to get some further contact details for your peaceful activist pleasure.

You all know the Gimli Detachment’s phone number by now. Anyone ask them why their officers feel okay making a false arrest (as evidenced by the 6 dropped charges). We really hope for their sake that the dashboard camera footage and the video from Sobey’s don’t go missing. We’d really like to see both for ourselves. Inquiring minds also want to know, do the officers of Gimli Detachment RCMP “D” Division have any facts or evidence to protect themselves from what is coming their way? Did they fill in their logbooks at the time of the incident, or did they wait and then fill it out later? Does such behavior properly convey the message that Gimli is a quiet vacation and tourism spot? Or is the Gimli Detachment trying to ruin the rural municipality’s finances through bad press and destructive suits? Ask those questions, ask better questions, but don’t tie up their emergency number.

We should point out four names here:

Staff Sergeant Ron Grey, Gimli RCMP Detachment, Box 1500, Gimli MB, R0C 1B0, 204-6420-5106

Commanding Officer, RCMP “D” Division, Assistant Commissioner Kevin Brosseau

D Division Headquarters:
1091 Portage Avenue
P.O. Box 5650
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 3K2
Telephone: (204) 983-5420 Email:

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson

RCMP National Headquarters
Headquarters Building
73 Leikin Drive
Ottawa ON K1A 0R2

Minister of Public Safety Canada “The Honourable” Vic Toews

Twitter: @ToewsVic

Steinbach Office
8-227 Main Street
Steinbach. Mb. R5G 1Y7
Ph:(204) 326-9889
Toll Free: 1 866 333 1933
Fx:(204) 346-9874
Parliament Hill
Suite 306, Justice Building House of Commons
Ottawa. Ont. K1A 0A6
Ph:(613) 992-3128
Fx:(613) 995-1049
Lac du Bonnet Office
Box 266
Lac du Bonnet. MB R0E 1A0

We’ll glance over the JP that rubber-stamped the process, there is only one JP serving that area and it would show a real lack of courteousness if we tied up their phone lines. Or the many other things that some have thought of. Their day in the sun will come though.

If anyone wants to know, the name of the Superintendent of the Winnipeg Remand Centre is Michelle Duncan. You already know the number for that place.

Now let’s move on to the other fish that have so far eluded our gaze.

According to the RCMP:

The RCMP currently provides contract policing services to eight provinces (Ontario and Quebec have their own provincial police service), three territories and under direct contract to some 180 municipalities in Canada. – Gimli is one of the 180.

  • Police Services Agreements outline the duties and responsibilities of the RCMP in financial, operational and administrative areas within the provisions of the provincial and municipal policing services.
  • Provinces and municipalities establish the level of resources, budget and policing priorities in consultation with the RCMP.
  • The RCMP is responsible for delivering on the policing priorities within the established budget.
  • The new Police Services Agreements are based on a modernized relationship that includes strengthened accountability and governance, enhanced reporting, and meaningful consultation.
  • Police Services Agreements are based on cost share. Provinces and territories pay 70% of RCMP costs and the federal government pays 30%.
  • Municipal agreements are based on a number of different cost share formulas, which are dependent on population size, and when a municipality signed its first policing agreement with the RCMP.

Well seems to us that the council for the Rural Municipality of Gimli are liable for the actions of their rogue security forces. I mean they do contribute to the budget and dictate the duties and responsibilities of the parties that have either directly harmed Dean or aided in the systemic erosion of his rights.

So let’s just give the contact information for the mayor and the councilor responsible for the area of Gimli where everything occurred.


Lynn Greenberg – cell (204) 641-5550

Area 2: North side of Willow Creek Road to South side of PR231
Danny Luprypa – cell (204) 641-4415

Some good questions to ask would be does this accurately show how Gimli wants to be portrayed? Do they stand 100% behind their detachment, or do they think that something is off? Do they understand that as the local oversight that they may be found liable for the officers actions? These are just primers. Get going!!!!

P.S. feel free to link to this page. Spread the word around. Maybe those parties that we have named will take action.